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Now Available for Online Coaching


Looking to write your book or Children's Book or get clear steps to launch your first book?


My First Book Academy is just for you!

Book a Free Consultation & Receive The Ultimate Book 12-Step guide that contains a step-by-step guide to launching your first book this is your key to creating a Children's Book with any skillset.

What This Guide Has to Offer

My First Book Academy will take you from A-Z when it comes to writing & publishing your book!


Learn How To Write Your Children's Book


Access To Facebook Academy Inner Circle Facebook Group


Get The Editing Your Book Needs


Get The Connections You Need To Market Your Book


Learn How To Make Your Book Available On Kindle


Learn How To Copyright & Protect Your Book Against Public Predators.


About Me

I help children,  parents, and grandparents write, illustrate and publish award-winning Children's Books.

If you have always wanted to write & publish a book and just didn't know where to have come to the right place!


I will share with you my tips for writing and how to obtain a graphic artist or illustrator to bring your words to life.

There is a formula that will take you step-by-step to completing what may be a lifelong desire. You may know the "why" about your story, but the "how" may be missing.

A #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, currently, having authored over 40-Children's Books. With a B.A. and Masters in Education, I am a retired educator, Mother, and Grandmother.


My favorite quote is, "The hardest part is to start!"

Come and realize your goal of becoming an author with someone that has done it successfully!

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Interested in writing YOUR first Book?

Apply for our BRAVO Coaching Program to write your first book in 30-days!



Stressed Woman

Delphia Sheila-Garth (Sparr, Fl)

Mary and I met on business travel/conference and our spirits connected unknowingly to us. There was a moment where I needed to contact her regarding her legal services or so I thought; so, a year later, I reached out for her services. And it turned into an awesome friendship of like minds. She had so many gifts and talents. From Real Estate person to an Author and plenty of assignments in between. I allowed her to mentor me through my first book, what an honor for me to have her as a coach.


On every level, she is an awesome well-spoken talented, gifted, intelligent, successful lady. I love it when we just talk, no agenda, just talk. There was a purpose for us strangers to meet and forming a business/girlfriend relationship, she is truly one of a kind. Because of her, my book will be successful, she has taught me so much. Look forward to seeing her soon on movie screen credits.

Young Woman Making Notes

Dr. Angela Gordon-Nichols

I so enjoyed your workshop and it definitely put me on the road to thinking about writing a children's book.  I have never written a children's book before, now I am considering it.  Time is always my issue first and foremost because I am in the middle of fast-forwarding my life to make up for the many years that I paused to be a mother.  Every time I think I am ready for a new adventure, my other adventures seem to take over.  While working with your workshop I have discovered that I have one book finished (I forgot about it) another one in the making, and one that is a close second to being finished.  I had no idea that I was so far ahead.  

Thank you for being an awesome presenter and inspirator.  

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